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Wreck Fishing Trips
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By David Elliott

Ocean Warrior 3 can offer you some great wreck fishing trips out on the mid-channel wrecks offshore. The most popular way to catch Cod, Pollock, Conger and Ling while on one of our wreck fishing trips is to drift over the wrecks. When we are fishing these deep sea wrecks, we drift over the wrecks. We then use the tide while drifting using lures on a 10ft long trace line connected to a boom and 8oz lead. The technique is to wind your lure over the wreck so that the fish you are targeting chase your lure, then they take the bait. This is an exciting way to fish on your wreck fishing trips.
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Another way you can fish on your wreck fishing trips is when the skipper anchors the ‘Ocean Warrior 3’ up tide of the wreck. This will then allow your baits; such as a Mackerel flapper or Cuttlefish to then be dropped just in front of the structure of the wreck. You will most likely need bigger weights while fishing this method on your wreck fishing trips as it will depend on the size of the tide we are fishing. It is common to fish with 2lb lead connected to your boom with a 300lb mono trace with an 8.0 to 10.0 size hook. The art to fishing on our wreck fishing trips using this method is to get your bait right in front of the wreckage as this is where the big Cod and Conger live.
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Wreck fishing trips for Conger Eels is one of Ocean Warrior 3 specialities and throughout the years we have had Conger up to 103lb, caught by one of our regular anglers Andy Matthews. 70lb, 80lb and 90lb eels can be caught on these deep sea wrecks. One of our policies aboard Ocean Warrior 3 is to return the Congers back to sea alive, this is to conserve stocks of these great fish which provide such sport while offshore fishing.
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The distance we would run on your wreck fishing trips would be 10 to 40 miles offshore. This takes you to the mid-channel wrecks. A lot of these wrecks are from 1st and 2nd World Wars and even submarines are common out there and can hold big Cod, Pollock, Conger and Ling. We can also take you to unchartered wrecks which do not get fished so these give a great opportunity to catch fish. On your wreck fishing trips we can also provide rod and reel and even tackle for those who are either less experienced or if you want to just turn up and fish. We also do wreck fishing trips for corporate events to take out business contacts or indeed your colleagues for a day out fishing.
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Ocean Warrior 3 is moored in Newhaven Marina on the south coast of England. It provides free parking for the day and there is also a cafe if you want breakfast prior to your wreck fishing trips. For more information, call David Elliott who is a full time wreck fishing skipper on 07966 377145 to book up one of your wreck fishing trips for this year or for next year.

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