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Steve and his crew had 40 Cod and 35 Eels up that day. The biggest Eels are weighed properly on scales and not estimated. All Eels were also returned to sea alive.

This is Steve Ramson from Bexleyheath with his personal best and the biggest Eel of the day which was 64lb. Caught on a Mackerel flapper.

This was a good trip we had to steam 32 mile on a 10 hour trip to do it!!

Picture Archive

Simmon Fearbard from Chatham had his personal best Eel of 53lb.

Picture Archive

Gary from Bexleyheath had an Eel of 54lb - another personal best!

Picture Archive

Steve Ramson with another Eel of 52lb.

He had 6 Eels over the course of the day.

Picture Archive

On another day - Sid from London had some Thornbacks. The biggest was 12lb on the ground as it was too rough for wreck fishing.

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