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Picture Archive


Peter Clarke from Hertfordshire caught this 9lb Bass on the open ground using a squid bait.

Picture Archive

Dave Roberts from Romford one of my regular anglers, caught our biggest Cod on the ground this year.

It is 26lb 6oz, it gave Dave a good fight as he was using light gear on the rough ground fishing.

Picture Archive

Five minutes before the above, Dave Roberts was using a new rod/reel worth 300 he had the first bite, which took the rod straight over the side of the boat and was gone like grease lightning!!!! Must have been a fair Cod getting it's own back!! Never mind Dave, these things are sent to try us!!!!

Here he is with the 26lb 6oz Cod in place of the one that got away!!

Picture Archive

Dave Roberts also a 17lb Cod along with a 9lb Cod and dropped 3 other fish which spat the hook apart from the one that decided to take the rod with it.

Picture Archive

Oh, yes and even the skipper can catch a fish!!!!

As Dave had the boat to himself for the day, I thought I would show him how to do it, even though I lost 2 Cod, there are still some good Whiting around and caught a few up to 2lb.

And, here I am with my 28lb Cod!!! (THE SKIPPER ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH YOU KNOW!!) (well, at least I haven't got to buy a turkey for Christmas! Unlucky Dave I whipped you again!!! Thanks for the Champagne for Christmas!

To all, I hope that you all have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and don't drink too much and take care. Dave (Skipper)

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