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Fishing CalendarA few fat ones...
What you can expect to catch each month


The Cod are still on the ground. At the start of the month fishing at anchor, the best bait is Cuttlefish, Black Lugg or Squid. The middle of the month, they are starting to go on to deepwater wrecks on the drift with pirks.


The Pollock are now running on the mid channel wrecks. The fish are full of roe now, so they have plenty of weight to them. The best way to catch these fish is on red gills and Jellyworms with a long flowing trace on the drift.


Mid channel wrecks have good Cod on them now. Some great lunkers and full of roe, fishing on pirks on the drift. Still big Pollock around as well. you will find March is a very windy month and will struggle to get out much, however, if you do, it will be worth it.


April is a similar month to March, Pollock and Cod are running together now. Still on the deepwater wrecks. First few Congers are just starting to show on certain wrecks and plenty of Mackerel now showing for bait.


Cod should be on the wrecks in good numbers, Pollock are still showing as well, on the pirks and gills on the drift. On the ground fishing side, plenty of Dogfish, Smooth-hounds and Topes showing with Plaice showing inshore.


June is a good month all around. Cod, Pollock, Bass, Conger and Ling on the drift or at anchor with baits. Conger are good size now and really starting to feed on Cuttlefish or Mackerel flappers. Ground fishing is similar to May.


Cod are starting to thin out on the drift, but still a few reasonable Pollock on inshore wrecks. Now is the time to start anchoring up for Cod, Ling and Conger on the deepwater wrecks. Ground fishing - the Plaice are still inside with Topes, Smooth-hounds, Black Breams and Bass starting to show.


The fishing on the drift is slowing right down. Time to anchor for some serious Conger fishing with Black Bream. On the deepwater wrecks the odd Cod, Pollock and Ling can be found. The top baits are Mackerel flappers and Cuttlefish.


Similar to August. Still fishing for big Congers, Black Bream on wrecks as well as the odd Bass on inshore wrecks. A few Topes and Smooth-hounds on the ground fishing side.


The winds will start to blow as the autumn gales set in. Fishing is still on anchor on wrecks for Cod, Conger and the Whiting are beginning to show. Ideal baits are Black Lugg, Squid, Mackerel and Cuttlefish.


Wreck fishing is coming to an end now. Starting to fish on anchor to the rough ground. Whiting are showing in heavy numbers with large Cod on baits.


Similar to November. Cod are on the rough ground, with plenty of Whiting using Black Lugg baits and Cod using Cuttlefish and Squid baits.

Winter Cod Fishing  along the south coast can offer some fantastic in shore winter cod fishing through the months of October, November, December and January.

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